Dear Stakeholders,


Thanks for your valuable time and patience in visiting our website. It is a great privilege and pleasure to share with you our company’s visionary thoughts and growth prospects. In this digital age, increasing convergence of technology and business has heralded a new level of competition in the global marketplace.

Moreover, evolving market dynamics coupled with diminishing profit margins and 

uncertain economic climate has transformed the way of business operations in the organizations. Innovations has taken the center stage in driving the organization to accomplish pinnacles of success, not just once but a continual growth.

RACE is a dream to realize overall potential of Indian Logistics & Transportation Industry. Currently, Indian Logistics and Transportation sector is constrained by many trivial challenges, of which understanding the nitty-gritty of the commercial vehicle market and its applications is of prime focus. RACE Innovations primarily focus on the study of applications and implement diverse projects by leveraging its robust engineering, immaculate research techniques and extensive project management capabilities.

In an industry vertical, where quality, Innovations and reliability are the determinants of organizations success, RACE INNOVATIONS’s visionary growth partner perception enables us to add value to the customer’s business by completely understanding their requirements, while also striking an immaculate balance between short and long term company’s vision. I am glad to see RACE gaining substantial grounds over the years and now a brand to reckon within the industry. Majority of our clients has recognized our value potential and continue to trust our ability to deliver design, engineering and research solutions. Today, our clientele base is about 25 companies ranging from the emerging organizations to the top automotive majors in the globe. By 2020, RACE would like to expand its customer base to about 200 companies and generate a turnover of 1billion INR.

Our projects with Telma on “India Connect” program for Electromagnetic Retarder have become a model for many International companies to enter the Market through RACE. Similarly many domestic companies utilizing the RACE “Connect” services for their Marketing needs. Our prudent research techniques and deep industry know-how on the commercial vehicle industry and its applications has empowered the Intellect Team to deliver persuasive strategies that clearly enhances the client’s value proposition. Our thorough understanding and commendable growth visionary perception enabled our highly spirited “Intellect” team to track the market on a continuous basis and produce syndicated research deliverables and custom consulting projects with high perceived quality.

RACE’s deep domain expertise, agile vertical and horizontal business units is backed by a highly experienced and vibrant team of engineers and managers with a diverse gamut of industry backgrounds in the likes of business consulting firms, OEMs, fleet operators and so on. RACE’s strong belief in the open work culture and inculcating entrepreneurship role in every employee empower our dynamic professional team to emulate the best in every sphere of its business operations.

I would like to end my note by acknowledging that RACE Innovations is an emerging organization, striving for excellence, and also raring to go an extra mile to deliver best-in class solutions to enhance the clients value proposition, thereby positively impacting their top line growth objectives. I invite all our employees, customers, and industry partners to participate in the RACE dream to chase their visionary dreams!!

Managing Director