This report covers the opportunity of Indian school bus market in the broader segments (tonnage, fuel type and no of seats) with adequate research in qualitative insights and a market driver, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and key issues in the industries.

The thrive in the market has encouraged the manufacturers towards innovation and safety, to sustain their existence with the competition. The new buses which are introduced of late are equipped with the advance telematics system, air-conditioners, air- suspensions and others in the factor of safety.

The report highlights the market trends, dynamics, forecast analysis, the competitive framework, technological trends cycle and Bodybuilder analysis. The uniqueness of our report includes vehicle numbers, forecast, key customer requirements, analysis enabling vehicle OEMs and body building norms, upcoming regulation and school bus body code.

  1. Total Bus Market
        1.1 Market Overview                                                                                                              
             1.1.1 Research Scope and Objectives                                                                          
              1.1.2 Segmentation and Definition                                                                              
              1.1.3 Market Measurements                                                                                          
        1.2 Market Dynamics – School Bus Market                                                                                                            
              1.2.1 Macro Insights                                                                                                        
              1.2.2 Micro Insights                                                                                                        
              1.2.3 Market Drivers                                                                                                        
              1.2.4 Market Restraints                                                                                                    
        1.3 Forecast and Trends – Total Bus Market                                                                                                        
              1.3.1 Total unit sales forecast
              1.3.3 Sales Forecast by Application Type
              1.3.4 Focus on Special Application
  2. School Bus Market
         2.1 Forecast and Trends                                                                                                        
               2.1.1 Unit Sales Forecast by Tonnage Type        
               2.1.2 Unit Sales Forecast by Comfort Type                                                      
               2.1.3 Unit Sales Forecast by Capacity Type                                                                  
               2.1.4 Unit Sales Forecast by Body-built Type                                              
           2.2 Competitive Structure                                                                                                    
               2.2.1 Market Share Analysis  
          2.3 School Bus Current Pricing Trend
          2.4 Ideal School Bus Specification
                2.4.1 LCV School Bus
                2.4.2 ICV School Bus
                2.4.3 M&HCV School Bus
  3. Strategic Recommendations      
  4. Annexure
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