After a break the demand for tyre are witnessingto surge due to low raw material cost. On the other hand, the Chinese imports into India and a twisted government policy have become threaten for tyre industries.

Indian Commercial vehicle industries has always been a huge opportunity for Truck and Bus radials tyre (TBR’s) for manufacturers. Slowdown in the economy and dumping of Chinese tyre sets a fall back for TBR’s manufactures.

The report highlight the market trends, dynamics, forecast analysis, competitive framework and trends cycle. The uniqueness of our report includes demand analysis, forecast, key customer requirements, analysis enabling export market and regulatory norms and product pricing.

  1. Market Overview

             1.1 Research Scope and Objectives

             1.2 Segmentation and Market Definitions

             1.3 Regulatory Framework
2. Commercial Vehicle Tyre Market – Snapshot
             2.1 Total Bus Market – Sales Forecast

               2.1.1 Total LCV Bus Market

               2.1.2 Total ICV Bus Market

               2.1.3 Total M&HCV Bus Market

           2.2 Total Truck Market – Sales Forecast

                   2.1.1 Total LCV Truck Market

                  2.1.2 Total ICV Truck Market

                  2.1.3 Total M&HCV Truck Market

           2.3 Tyre Lifespan

           2.4 Regrooving Market

           2.5 Retreading Market

           2.6 Region wise Product Attractiveness

           2.7 OEM Tyre Preferences

           2.8 Demand Analysis

                 2.8.1 Tube Tyre

                 2.8.2 Tubeless Tyre

                 2.8.3 Lug Tyre

                 2.8.4 Radial Tyre

                 2.8.5 Tweel Tyre

                 2.8.6 Super Single Tyre

          2.9 End Customer Voice
3. Competitor Analysis

          3.1. Product Comparison

          3.2. Product Pricing

          3.3. Market Share Analysis

          3.4. Export Market Analysis
4. Conclusions and Recommendations

5. Annexures

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