Title Description Published
Strategic Analysis of Indian Truck Market The aim of the report is to understand the Indian truck market (3.5 to 49 Ton gvw) which includes detailed analysis of segments (LCV, ICV, M&HCV), applications (open cargo, closed cargo, raw cargo, processed cargo, liquid cargo and special applications), OEM market shares, technological trends and body built type (fully built Vs. non-fully built) and user reviews on the truck brands in order to provide rich market insights/trends which will help the stakeholders (Vehicle OEMs, Component OEMs, fleet operators, dealers and body builders) to make suitable decisions to invest or expand in the Indian market. 2017
Strategic Analysis of Indian Tipper Market The aim of this report is toprovide comprehensive insights on the current, futuristic demands of Indian Tipper Market (M&HCV) through understanding the segment(16T above gvw), applications, OEM market shares, technological trends, body building type prepared as a result of the extensive analysis supported by widespread secondary and primary research. (of 16t gvw and above) 2017