Indian truck market is emerging to a whole new level in upcoming years, the transport industries is being setting out to be an important sector to contribute the country’s GDP. Indian truck markets are being primarily driven by set of conventional players with home grown technologies to suit the market requirements. However, the advent of global players has offered the experience of high performance technically superior and safer products, in turn driving the conventional players to upgrade their technologies in line with global player. The other key development being global players attempt to localize their products to suit Indian price conditions have fared well and yielded better results, also paving way to create export opportunities to other developing parts of the globe.

A Strategic Analysis of the Indian Truck Market endeavors to provide a comprehensive but succinct review of the market dynamics, trends and market size of the different truck industry segments throughout India. The report is also forecasts a significant change in vehicle segmentation. It suggests there will be a substantial increase in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment volumes and a proportionate percentage consolidation in the M&HCV truck volumes, despite an element of growth overall in this segment too. This forecast is based on trends predominantly witnessed previously in other developing economies, as they move to a hub and spoke distribution model and increased use of multi-modal transportation. This report also analyzing the impact of demonetization, BSIV implementation & expected GST implementation Apr’2017.

  1. Market Structure

             1.1 Research Scope and Objectives

             1.2 Research Methodology

             1.3 Sampling Plan

  1. Market Overview

            2.1 Overview of Indian truck market

            2.2 Market Segmentation

            2.3 Market Definition

  1. Market Dynamics

            3.1 Market Drivers and Restraints Snapshot

            3.2 Market Drivers explained

            3.3 Market Restraints explained

  1. Market Trend Analysis

            4.1 Logistics Scenario – Hub and Spoke Model

            4.2 Logistics Scenario – Areas of development

            4.3 Logistics Scenario – Road transportation

            4.4 Technological Trends – Aggregate evolution

            4.5 Technological Trends – Evolution of Emission Norms

            4.6 Notable OEMs in India

            4.7 Buyer Behavior Analysis

            4.8 A snapshot on transportation – India vs. Global

            4.9 Challenges in the road transportation

            4.10 Upcoming solutions in road transportation

            4.11 Freight rates between Metro Cities and Major Cities

            4.12 Transport regulation Scenario – Present and Future

  1. Transport Economics

            5.1 Truck Ownership Pattern and the influencing factors of total cost of operation (TCO)

            5.2 Effect of mileage on average trip expenses – A Case Study       

            5.3 Driver Engagement by transporters

  1. Regulations and Homologation

           6.1 Regulatory Framework

           6.2 Motor Vehicle regulations in India

           6.3 Cabin Features – Automotive Indian Standards (AIS)

           6.4 Cabin – General requirements

           6.5 Cabin – Drivers work area and sleeper berth

           6.6 Cabin – Climb facility and hand holds

           6.7 Cabin – guidelines for corrosion protection

  1. Forecast and Analysis – Total Truck Market

          7.1 Indian Truck Market – Total Market forecast

                       7.1.1 Truck sales forecast by tonnage type

                       7.1.2 Truck sales forecast by application type

                       7.1.3 Truck sales forecast by body built type

                       7.1.4 Competitive factors analysis

                       7.1.5 Market Share Analysis

          7.2 LCV Truck Market breakdown

                      7.2.1 LCV truck market – Unit sales forecast

                      7.2.2 LCV truck market – Forecast by application

                     7.2.3 Open cargo, Closed Cargo, Raw Cargo, Special Application – forecast by built type

                     7.2.4 LCV truck market – Market Share Analysis

                     7.2.5 LCV truck market – Price breakdown

          7.3 ICV Truck Market breakdown

                    7.3.1 ICV truck market – Unit sales forecast

                    7.3.2 ICV truck market – Forecast by application

                    7.3.3 Open, Closed, Raw, Liquid, Special Application – forecast by built type

                    7.3.4 ICV truck market – Market Share Analysis

                   7.3.5 ICV truck market – Price breakdown

          7.4 M&HCV Truck Market breakdown

                   7.4.1 M&HCV truck market – Unit sales forecast

                   7.4.2 M&HCV truck market – Forecast by application

                   7.4.3 Open, Closed, Raw, Liquid, Processed, Special Application – forecast by built type

                   7.4.4 M&HCV truck market – Market Share Analysis

                   7.4.5 M&HCV truck market – Price breakdown

  1. Conclusion
  2. Annexure
  • AMW Limited
  • Ashok Leyland Limited
  • Daimler India Commercial Vehicle.
  • MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd
  • Mahindra Trucks and Buses Limited
  • Mercedes Actros
  • SML Isuzu Ltd
  • Scania Commercial Vehicle India Pvt Ltd.
  • TATA Motors Limited
  • Volvo India Pvt Ltd
  • Volvo-EICHER Commercial Vehicle

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