Today, boundaries of competition have vanished and automotive companies are quickly finding ways to systematically revolutionize its operational and strategic blueprint in pursuit of stronger differentiation to create a newer market space for an accelerated growth. Moreover, it is just not quicker growth, but seeking sustained growth by effectively managing costs across the entire value chain.

In the past, technological investments have helped automotive & transportation firms to clearly unleash the business potential at a greater extent. But, nowadays, organizations need to be smarter in every aspect of its operations from technology to commercialization at reduced ownership costs to derive maximum value potential.

At RACE, we are committed to support our automotive & transportation clients by delivering business intelligence & application needs to address tomorrow’s market requirements with an utmost perfection. We believe our GEM philosophy will empower us to immaculately solve anything from the usual- business needs to the most complex projects effectively to obtain quantified results at justified investments.

For organizations to be successful, smarter decisions, effective execution and continuous measures of value will be the success mantras. Our best practices approach ensures to enhance the clientele value proposition at all times.


We articulate business intelligence, develop intuitive designs and generate innovative engineering solutions.

RACE team is driven by consultants, design engineers and managers with extensive experience in automotive & transportation industry and professionally trained to work with diverse internal functional teams such as consulting, manufacturing support group and design. Our experts capture the futuristic market trends aptly by completely understanding the breadth and depth of the industry through collaborative involvement of internal and the client’s team.

Our holistic offering and industry specific knowledge capabilities enable us to build winning business strategies and deliver tailored automotive application and interface engineering to auto OEs, Component manufacturers, Commercial vehicle application builders, fleet operators, transport corporations and automotive regulatory bodies.

Evaluate, Manage and Implement ideas to reality

RACE’s extensive project management capabilities and comprehensive technological expertise enable us to successfully execute usual to unusual automotive & transportation projects

Our engineers, project managers, strategic consultants and quality team leverage their technical and business expertise to deliver projects on time at optimized costs. Our Phase Execution Strategy (PES) enable us to translate the best-laid strategies into reality by effective planning and execution through phases and taking direct responsibility of resolving issues proactively and capturing the project metrics.

  • Project Scoping

    Preliminary step to define and present the in-and-out of project and conducting feasibility analysis and elemental analysis.

  • Budgetary and Cost Control

    Optimizing the project costs and ensuring not to exceed the estimated budget by conducting a deep dive analysis on the financials Human Capital and Project Schedule Map – Ensuring the successful execution of the projects by deploying right resources at right time

  • Business Case

    Building a stronger case to justify the project investments and foresee the future commercial models and viability of the project. Also, enable the clients to control the capital costs and justifying the ROI.

  • Vendor Evaluation and Sourcing Model

    Our proprietary vendor evaluation metric (VEM) tool adopts comprehensive evaluation technique to assess the vendor/supplier capabilities ensuring reliable sourcing and purchasing requirements for the project activities.

  • Compliance and Proactive management

    Mitigating risks, stricter compliance procedures and taking proactive measures to identify, assess the extent and probability of the potential risks involved in the project, while also determining ways to quickly respond to them.

  • Support Group Involvement

    Dedicated team of project support group to assist and coordinate in all of the post-project works ensuring unparalleled service to the customers even after the project delivery.

At RACE Innovations, we orchestrated and pioneered the integrated “in-and-out” delivery model, enabling the clients to leverage our resources, expertise and technology at the right time from any location. Over the years, we perfected the global delivery model and applied to our full range of portfolios enabling our partner ecosystem to unleash full value potential of our services and measure quantified results.

Most importantly, our unique value proposition of guaranteeing the clients with clear ROI and relentless measuring of business value through real-time collaboration of support group, analyst team and project managers to achieve superior results has demonstrated our customer-centric and visionary growth partnership capability.

We always endeavor to positively impact the clients business by taking a step forward from the service execution model to a value-gauge model. Our optimization approach also empower us to better. understand the missing gaps, mitigate business and technological risks to deliver greater efficiency and demonstrate innovative service capabilities.