CISME- a risk mitigation program form Race Innovations for OEMs in the Indian CV Industry.

CISME is the acronym for
  • Connectivity

    Connectivity ensures the interaction of the vehicles which forms the Automobile ecosystem which is necessary for the new age vehicles.

  • Infrastructure for New Energy Vehicle

    Infrastructural requirements for NEV must be in place in order to align with the robust requirements in smooth transition of the vehicles for a longer run

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and Security ensures the required standards to be inculcated and met with the production of the vehicles that provides utmost safety for the all the stakeholders involved.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing hurdles includes the adaptation of man and machine towards the future of mobility that transforms immensely

  • Efficiency

    Efficiency marks up on the total cost of ownership of the vehicles, which is also to be noted as price of the vehicles shoots up due to costs incurred on buying and maintaining onset of the transition.

In today’s world of the industry’s transformation, venturing into newer technology adaptation, OEMs face made to face inevitable challenges that are posed in front. Transformation doesn’t stop at addressing the development of the product rather the feasibility of mass movement and adaptation on every sphere it rests on.

CISME enables an all spectrum analysis of OEMs which is required to be addressed, else the transformation to go in vain.