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RACE, a Research & Engineering project consulting firm, focused on medium & heavy commercial vehicles, now has a new customer-centric management structure to offer need-based solutions to customers. The new structure presents six products, each providing specific solutions to cater to customers’ needs.

The company functions on the build-operate-maintain (BOM) concept which has proved to be a successful strategy for many companies and investors in India. The three main products on offer are Intellect, Connect and Technic, while Trade, Find and Enabler are the other services.

RACE is currently working on a project for the AB Group to develop an ‘exclusive integrated service facility for medium and heavy commercial vehicles for all OEMs under one roof’. Another project undertaken by the firm aims at developing state-of-the-art dealerships for medium and heavy commercial vehicle majors in Chennai and Vellore, taking charge of all facets involved in maintenance of the dealership.

RACE, with an employee count of 35, is backed by a strong network of research & engineering associates ready to deliver credible and quality services to its customers.

“We would like to be recognized as one of the leading and most trusted project consulting firms in the automotive sector, providing reliable data, tools and techniques which can positively impact our customers’ business”, says Mr. Sriram, CEO, RACE Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

RACE is planning to have an exclusive access pass to its Indian and global clients for the RACE library which offers information on specific automotive applications, sectorial growth, research applications and concept engineering models which would benefit them directly.

“Currently we have set up a functional model business center in Chennai which is planned to be replicated across major cities on a pan-India level in the next one to two years. Similar set-ups are planned in the BRIC countries and in Africa, where our team is on the look-out for suitable, reliable and knowledgeable associates”, comments Mr. Rajesh, COO of the firm.

The research team at RACE does regular study on various issues, including the logistics requirements in India, factors affecting the market, product applications and aftermarket service requirements. Customer surveys, location-based intelligence (LBI) and route surveys are also done by the company. The above services are offered under Intellect.

Connect is a service which includes initial market survey and feasibility study, with the aim of connecting customers to the right people in the industry. Many international companies looking at the Indian market have chosen RACE Connect and have established themselves as a result of the services rendered during the initial phase of operations. The Connect service also helps companies identify a perfect match for joint ventures.

Telma, a global leader in electromagnetic retarders, works with RACE in areas such as product management, application engineering with OEMs, sourcing support, marketing and after-sales service and is a classic example of a success story of the Connect service.

Through product Technic, RACE offers support to clients through suitable applications and interface engineering which enables the market to realize the full potential of their products and services. The company’s engineering team has good understanding of the technical needs, operating conditions, and packaging requirements, with partners in the value chain.

The Technic team is equipped to engineer and design bodies and chassis of buses and trucks, trailers and specialized vehicles. Prototype development, design verification, homologation support and statutory approvals also come under the Technic package.

Trade, Find & Enabler
RACE helps clients establish a strong trading network through its market presence. The company also provides support for identifying suitable source for various operations and develop a reliable supply strategy for clients. In addition to the technical know-how and market understanding, it enables clients with customized IT solutions and also provides domain expertise to many IT majors for the automotive sector.



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