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Wilcomatic India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Wilcomatic of the UK, a front-runner in automated washing systems,

has made a breakthrough in the Indian market with the launch of its first automatic bus wash system offered through an exclusive arrangement with BUSZONE, an upcoming contemporary and exclusive bus dealership of Tata Motors. The contractual obligation between the parties was framed and represented by RACE Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Wilcomatic’s first customer in the Indian market, BUSZONE, is an exclusive Tata Motors bus dealership initiated for Chennai, Vellore and Cuddalore regions, authorized to sell Tata Motors buses ranging from LCVs to MCVs. The automated bus wash system would benefit BUSZONE by offering quicker and cleaner washing to its customers.

The BUSZONE facility would like to offer bus washing for all its customers in the Chennai and Vellore regions and is specifically targeting school, staff and coach operators who generally find it difficult to woo customers with a clean and well-maintained bus. Mr. Rajinder Singh, Managing Director, BUSZONE, says: “Innovation and technology are the clear differentiators at BUSZONE when compared to other dealerships, and this would help us retain our customers and also develop new clients”.

Wilcomatic, headquartered in Croydon, has been seeking an entry into the Indian market since 2012 by offering train wash and other automatic vehicle washing systems but with limited success. Now with the introduction of an automatic bus wash system in place, the company has plans to sell more than 50 units by 2017.

Race Innovations

“Wilcomatic, through its Indian subsidiary, is committed to develop and supply washing systems pertaining to commercial vehicles, cars, trains and heavy duty industrial vehicles. We are in the process of building a strong aftersales network and sales organization to cater to the emerging need for washing systems for the truck, bus and cars markets in the country”, says Mr. Selwyn Rodrigues, Managing Director, Wilcomatic India Pvt. Ltd.

The automatic bus wash system which is to be installed at BUSZONE, is made with a fully-automatic gantry design and can wash up buses of height from 3 m to 5 m, coaches, minivans, trucks and also trailers. It has the ability to wash, slash and rinse which gives a high quality wash just in one pass on a shot wash bay with a speed of 120 to 300 seconds, depending on the size of the vehicle. The equipment features a water recycling plant which can recycle up to 95 per cent of the washed water which can be re-used.

Race Innovations

The bus wash machine made of aluminum has a galvanized finished main frame, high-density wash brush, high-speed drive motor controls, anti-tilt system and robustly engineered high pressure jet stream system designed to clean intricate surface areas and the varied profiles of buses in India.



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